Would you like to work from home?

The answer to that question is generally yes.

Recently a new study was released that indicated that fewer employees are accepting a position with an option to work from home.  What?!? It seems to go against rational logic.

It seems people offered jobs aren’t interested in working from home.  That’s not understandable to those of us who’ve worked years in an office.  Well maybe…Think about it…

Do you like commuting? No.

Do you like worrying about your wardrobe? No.

Would you prefer to work from home? Yes!

Well then why would you want to work from home?

When we look at the options we recognize.  In a recession it’s about a job not about the comfort.  We can’t simply believe that our job is safe because we have it.  Our company will fire us if it becomes not worth the investment.  If each of us has learned anything from 2008 it’s that our careers aren’t protected.  That’s a fact.

So why does it seem that people are turning down work from home options?

Well if you listen to Sylvia Ann Hewlett, president of the Center for Work-Life Policy. a New York-based company promoting flex schedules for employees you would understand.

Hewlett determined that fear was the main cause.  Shea said, “They (employees) feel as if that jacket needs to be on the back of their office chair at 8 at night because everyone is trying to prove that they’re indispensable.”

How afraid are you?

Would you turn down the position if it was 100% work from home?

If you need an job search question answered: Ask the Career Doctor.

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2 Responses to Would you like to work from home?

  1. elenaramirez says:

    Hello, thank you for this article. I am a Christian writer. And I enjoy blogging, and writing. Is there any suggestions, or referrals you might have for someone like me? I really do need to find a job. But, would rather stay at home, and write for the dear Lord. Your thoughts, and considerations are appreciated.

    I have three blogs here on wordpress.

    But my main blog is elenasjustmythoughts.wordpress.com

    Thank you, and God bless you,


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