The “NEW” Normal…

October 26, 2011

Are you trying to deal with the “New Normal” in your life?  If you are like millions of American’s who are dealing with unemployment or under-employment, your “New Normal” might seem pretty frustrating compared the life you had prior to job-loss…

Well, even though this”New Normal” might not be what you want, it is what it is.  Now you have two choices.  Sit there and lament on how “great your life was” or start moving in a new direction.  Here is a video from my good friend, John Spence.  Just a few weeks ago he presented a program at the Apple Specialist Marketing Conference. His talk was  entitled “The New Normal” and focused on how these folks, who sold such incredible Apple products, could continue to be successful as the realities of business and economics remained in constant fluctuation. The talk was even more poignant given the fact that Steve Jobs had passed away just a week earlier.

Here is a very brief excerpt of some of the ideas he shared.  Even though his comments are focused on how he feels companies can survive and thrive in “The New Normal”, the points he makes are just as relevant to you as a job seeker who may be struggling with your “”New Normal”.

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It’s tough out there…

May 23, 2011

Everyone knows it’s tough out there finding a job.

At the same time, every week another group publishes new statistics.
Job growth is up, unemployment dipped, open job postings have risen, and so on.

But there’s only one statistic that counts.  The statistic of you.  

Are you working or getting good chances to work if you want to?

Have you been looking for awhile or are you recently in the job market and worried about your prospects?

Doesn’t matter where you live, what industry you are in or how old you are, searching for work can be daunting.  You have to make looking for work, your ‘work’.

I think looking for work is a skill too.  There are things you can learn to increase your chances.

  • Skills to make it easier to target a good job.
  • Skills to handle the interview.
  • Skills to network to find the hidden jobs.
  • Skills to negotiate your salary, and skills to position yourself as the top candidate.

There’s a site I came across while searching on Google that might just be the best bundle of skills teaching I’ve seen in this area.  Take a look by clicking here.

You also need to register for the F’REE WEBINAR!  This is a great way to start developing the skills that you need to get ahead in this job market!

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Job Candidates – Recruiters are Searching for you on the Web

March 25, 2011

By: William Frierson is a staff writer for,

News flash. In case you have not heard, social media is not just used for social reasons anymore. If you are looking for a job these days or a better chance of finding one, then you may want to consider using social media websites. By doing so, you can create an online presence that gives you more exposure as a job candidate and makes you more accessible to recruiters.

One article mentioned that in a recent survey of hiring managers in the United States, about 66% of them explored LinkedIn to seek ideal candidates for positions. Therefore, it may be wise build your professional profile on this website. Be sure your profile is honest and represents a professional appearance. Remember, you are trying to make connections that will benefit your job search. In addition, update your profile, as you would do for a resume.

Because recruiters only have a limited amount of time to search for candidates each day, you need to make your online profile easy to find. Include a link to it on your resume, below your contact information. By being on LinkedIn or other social media sites, you will give yourself a better chance of ranking high when recruiters search them for candidates.

Using social media doesn’t have to be exclusively for social purposes; it can also benefit you professionally. Job candidates can obtain more exposure and be more accessible to today’s more tech-savvy recruiters.

[link “The Career News” to

Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap, a content exchange service sponsored by, a leading site for college students looking for internships and recent graduates searching for entry level jobs and other career opportunities.

Stop Being Lost in the Crowd

November 15, 2010

By: Jessica Hernandez is the President/CEO of Great Resumes
Author Website:

Is your LinkedIn profile a verbatim recreation of your resume? Or is it a unique and complementary representation of you and your job search? I know a plethora of job seekers who simply cut and paste their resumes right into their LinkedIn profiles. Let me tell you why this is NOT the best job search strategy. I’ll also tell you how to capture the hiring manager’s attention and—potentially—the interview.

1. If you’re putting your LinkedIn profile address on your resume, then you can expect employers to go there (You are putting this on your resume, right? Please tell me you’re including this on your resume!). So instead of just repeating what they’ve already just read, give them something new, inspiring, and something that makes them want to connect. Hiring managers don’t just hire skills—they hire personalities. Let them see part of yours—and make it shine.

2. 90% or better of employers are now going online to research their potential candidates. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather they find my LinkedIn profile and the information I’ve put together in it at the top of their search results rather than some college kid’s rants on his personal blog or FB page about a drunken party (who just happens to share your name). They will search for you; give them great information to confirm that you are the best candidate for the job.

3. People want a personal connection and to know you’re a great match on paper and in person. You can be slightly more laid back on LinkedIn and discuss interests and expand on your background and expertise in ways you can’t on your resume. Reading lists, blog articles, groups, connections, etc. These are all ways to show the employer who you are and—again—what you have to offer. Position yourself as a subject matter expert—and when the hiring manager needs someone in your industry, they’ll know just who to come to.

I could go on and on about why branding your LinkedIn profile is so important, but the bottom line is: If you want to be found by recruiters and hiring managers, if you want to cement your reputation and brand in their mind and secure the interview, start branding your profile today. Otherwise, you’re just the same as every other joe jobseeker among the millions of people on LinkedIn. Stop being like everyone else and blending in and be discovered today. Learn more about professional LinkedIn profile development here.

Expert resume writer Jessica Hernandez is the President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast a top-tier job search and resume writing firm. Jessica and her team’s work has secured top careers for forward-focused executives and professionals. Named to numerous career expert blogs, Web sites and Twitter lists, she is a credentialed writer, former fortune 500 hiring manager and frequent media source, author, columnist, and published contributor to multiple career, job search and resume advice books. Jessica is also the Resume Makeover coach for the JobTalkAmerica radio program and offers her expert advice and tips weekly on the show.

Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap, a content exchange service sponsored by, a leading site for college students looking for internships and recent graduates searching for entry level jobs and other career opportunities.

Understanding Your Motivation

September 19, 2010

Every day I seem to get at least one person contact me that is having an issue with their motivation.  Actually, this really does not surprise me a great deal.  Those who are dealing with job-loss and extended unemployment for long periods of time often get frustrated and find their motivational levels decrease.  This is is no shocker, or at least it should not be to anyone reading this article.  Spending hours applying for jobs and networking with very little tangible results would put anyone’s motivation into a tailspin!

Unfortunately, there is no “quick-fix” for your motivation, but there is hope!  I found the following article on, LiveStrong is the foundation that Lance Armstrong created to fight the battle against cancer.  If you are not familiar with the 7-time Tour de’ France champions story, I encourage you to read about his amazing comeback from his own battle with cancer.

As Lance begins his epic quest to become the first ever 8-time Tour champion, I thought that a recent article that was posted on his website might help those who may be struggling with their own motivation through the career transition process and dealing with job-loss…

The Stages of Change: Understanding Your Motivation

If you happen to need some additional motivation to help you get through your job-loss situation, just check this out…

What if Lance had given up his fight against cancer?  What if he was not motivated to overcome his struggles?

The same is true for you… will you give up during your struggle with unemployment?

Get some help for your job-search…

June 10, 2010

You cannot do an effective job-search by yourself. It simply does not work. You need to find people that can help you. This help may come in many forms. If you are struggling by yourself, here are some suggestions as to some type of people that might be able to help you!

Find job search experts who can help you. – Visiting is certainly a great place to start, but it should not be your only destination!

Career and Life Coaches can assist with the self-evaluation process. – Many Community Colleges also provide self-assessment tools for FREE! You can also visit’s “Career Assessment” page.

Make sure you have the RIGHT resume with your positioning statement. – So many times job seekers continue to send out their “career obituary” rather than a document that truly reflects their knowledge, skills, passion and abilities.  get a professional to help you write your resume!

Connecting with recruiters – If you are only working with one recruiter you are making a mistake. Remember they do not work for you… so make sure you get out there and connect with as many as you can.

Customized job search programs – Have you visited The Career Artisan, Mary Elizabeth Bradford? She has an amazing program to assist job seekers with all phases of the job search – from identifying companies and positions to working with you on your resume and obtaining interviews.

Participate in social/community/industry groups. – It is good to let people know that you’re looking for a new position. LinkedIn is a great place to start! You can join groups that are directly related to the industry you are in and start networking with people. Start “what do you do” conversations. Be curious about what others do and how you might help them. Ask your contacts how they got their jobs. You can also apply for jobs through LinkedIn!

Find a mentor/accountability partner – A mentor could be a wise business person you’ve known for many years. Call them up and ask them for a face to face meeting or take them to lunch or for coffee. Then listen, engage, ask for their advice. You’ll be surprised how many will assist when you have the right attitude and approach. An accountability partner is a trusted friend that can help you to stay on track with the goals that you set for yourself. Ask them to be tough on you! You will thank them later!

The bottom line is you cannot and you should not feel that you are alone in your situation. There are people who care deeply about you and want to help you to be successful in helping you find your next great career opportunity.

If you’re interested in more information please check out my page on – Your Career Transition Resource

Want to make your voice heard? Ask me a question – Career Doctor, Ask Me A Career Question

Sick of Paying for 5 Hour Energy?

March 17, 2010

Get a natural 5 hour energy boost! Get active for the job search.  Use the morning for exercise. Put the body in the mindset of success.  Endorphins, blood pumping, heart strengthening and stress reducing.  20 minutes.  That’s all.

It’s not rocket science, it’s exercise.  A jolt whether outside or inside.  It can be performed in all weather conditions!  Always free!  Want a membership? Just do it!

I suggest running as the truly free exercise option.  If not running then swimming.  Both are great health choices.  But both for only 20 minutes a day will boost your energy through the roof.

Did I mention you’d sleep better? Yes, less stress and more rest! It’s a deluxe package available right now!

Where to start?  Check itunes, TV & dvd.  Find 20 minutes. That’s all!

Can’t get out of bed to exercise? Change the objective!  Don’t try to get out of bed. Wake up 10 minutes earlier for a week.  Then 20 minutes earlier for the next week.  After 2 weeks you’ll be ready.

P.S. Is 50 getting close? Check out this study on 50 year old runners and 20+ years more of healthy life!

If you have any Career Questions please ask the Career Doctor: Ask the Career Doctor

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