Welcome a New Career Doctor, Mary Elizabeth Bradford to iLostMyJob.com

March 31, 2010

Mary Elizabeth Bradford the Career Artisan comes to iLostMyJob.com

Mary Elizabeth Bradford, also known as “The Career Artisan,” brings 15 plus years of helping people achieve their dreams through coaching during their career search. Known as a hidden job market expert, Mary Elizabeth is the author of two guidebooks; “Secrets of the Unadvertised Job Market” and “Phone Networking Secrets Revealed.

In addition to advising users on the Career Doctor at ILostMyJob.com, Mary Elizabeth Bradford continues to work directly with clients atwww.maryelizabethbradford.com where she offers both resume writing services, eBooks and her popular “Job Search Success System”, a step by step system to setting up a turnkey job search system that empowers people in job transition to access the hidden job market.

I Lost My Job.com www.Ilostmyjob.com/info is a transition focused website that helps people who have lost their jobs and are seeking information, ideas and inspiration to find their next employment situation. Launched in 2009 the growing web property boasts a robust content delivery system that integrates written word with powerful video content.

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Do you ever wish unemployment made you happy?

March 24, 2010

Do you ever wish that unemployment made you happy? That actually receiving money from the government brightened your day? The check makes us feel tied down and suffocated…

Dreaming is all we have left.  Our imagination or memories of being employed with a comfortable living.  Think what you would tell yourself in December 2007 today…

Wishing for our outcome is wonderful.  But wanting to pay the bills and taking the steps to make money are different.  Typing as an American, I know one thing.  Business is possible for everyone.  Sitting here reading this post you have a chance.  To wish with an action.

Every unemployed person has thought about starting a business.  What is your business you wish to start?  Name it, declare it and take action.

Unemployment isn’t easy.  It doesn’t make us happy.  We’d all give unemployment money for a job, food for our family & a chance to pay our bills.  So now it’s time to make a choice.  Do you want to make your dream come true?

If you do, answer these:

1. What business do you want?

2. What three steps can you do today?

3. What do you need to do tomorrow?

4. Where do you want to be in a week?

If you’re lost about where to start but know that a business is for you start with these 2 resources

1. Small Business Administration

2. 20 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Business

The small business administration has all the resources you need.  If you are willing to read for 1 hour a day for a week on the SBA.gov site you’ll learn a lot to start your business.

I don’t doubt that you can spend your time on unemployment trying to get a job.  It’s not impossible to land a job but if you have the time and energy to devote to your own idea and you’ve been rejected countless time and want a different option.  Start here!

What do you want to do? What is your business idea?

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Slow Recovery? It’s the 7,000 High School Dropouts Everyday!

March 19, 2010

A week ago, high school dropout rates were reviewed by congress.  It’s reported that 7,000 students a day! In 2010! It seems that only 70% of high school students graduate on time.  This isn’t a direct connection to any job search or any job tips but think about this:

A recent report by the McKinsey Corporation showed that if minority student performance had reached white students by 1998, the GDP in 2009 would have been between $310 billion and $525 billion higher – or approximately 2 to 4 percent of GDP. The report also says the achievement gaps in this country are the same as having “a permanent national recession.

It’s hard when we have a recession going on but the more we investigate the more it seems we let this happen.  These students are from public schools.  Well schools didn’t get this way overnight.  It took time to degrade our system into this type of deplorable condition.  We should all be ashamed.  1998 – 2008 was a great time to invest in education.

If we don’t fix something in our countries educational system we might as well expect the recession to last longer than projected.  These former-students aren’t going anywhere and with their lack of education they will start drawing support from the government too.

So in effect taxes will rise, growth will slow and the mass supported by the government will become larger.  This isn’t political discourse it’s a fact.  This report speaks to this unfortunate consequence of not acting.

What do you think? Are you worried about this issue?

To read the article from the government about this topic read further here.

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5 Health Careers That DON’T require a degree!

March 17, 2010

Want a job? Don’t want to spend years in college? Well here are some health sector jobs that do not require a bachelors degree.  See what you might be interested today! This is a brief post because you don’t want to read me, you want to see these jobs!

Orthopedic Technician


Prosthetics Technician

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Anesthesia Technician

Here’s a bonus job for you.  Just for being so kind to read this far!

MRI Technician

This is a little selection of jobs for you.  If you’re looking for more jobs click here to read Marty Nemko’s Blog

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Sick of Paying for 5 Hour Energy?

March 17, 2010

Get a natural 5 hour energy boost! Get active for the job search.  Use the morning for exercise. Put the body in the mindset of success.  Endorphins, blood pumping, heart strengthening and stress reducing.  20 minutes.  That’s all.

It’s not rocket science, it’s exercise.  A jolt whether outside or inside.  It can be performed in all weather conditions!  Always free!  Want a membership? Just do it!

I suggest running as the truly free exercise option.  If not running then swimming.  Both are great health choices.  But both for only 20 minutes a day will boost your energy through the roof.

Did I mention you’d sleep better? Yes, less stress and more rest! It’s a deluxe package available right now!

Where to start?  Check itunes, TV & dvd.  Find 20 minutes. That’s all!

Can’t get out of bed to exercise? Change the objective!  Don’t try to get out of bed. Wake up 10 minutes earlier for a week.  Then 20 minutes earlier for the next week.  After 2 weeks you’ll be ready.

P.S. Is 50 getting close? Check out this study on 50 year old runners and 20+ years more of healthy life!

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Podcast Sample Workouts

Pilates on Fifth



Start Here With The Podcasts for Energy Now!

Do we even need HR?

March 12, 2010

If we all actually targeted jobs the way recruiters, experts & other job seekers tells us too, would we even need HR?

What if I did attend every event that all my colleagues attended and networked 2.0 properly; would I be able to offer a suggestion to a company and land a job? If it works, I’ll never send a resume again!

What if I do target every key person for the solution outline I’ve drawn up for a company and offer them my way to increase sales 10%?Will I automatically land a job? If yes, I’ll decline and become a consultant! Charge per deal and not per hour!

What if I do use social media to show my skills as a freelancer and find jobs, clients and communicate with my private customers even better? Would I ever want to land a real job? No!

In the world of networking now, it seems social media is a way to actually make ourselves be in more than one place at a time. Well what if we ALL did take the advice use social media, attend all the right events, target the right companies and people? If we used all the new tips and tricks to land a job…would we even need HR?

Everyone would get a job without even trying.  We would all follow our passion, be a specialist & make more money than we’ve ever seen before!  Not forgetting to mention we all work from home!

That’s an awesome concept, I do truly appreciate it.  It puts all the control in the job seekers hands but I have to ask…What happens when HR can’t pour over tests, resumes and prepare for interviews because everyone has demonstrated their value to the company before HR even heard about them?

Do we find a place for people to start examining employees more closely? Do the people who love examining people for work now examine the people who work?  It could be the shift now because we have made their job obsolete because no-one likes interviewing anyways.
Question for Job Seekers: What do you think? Do you use all the new ways to land a job? Do you ever see HR?

Question for HR: What do you think? Is this happening? Do you notice it?

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Why do you even get out of bed?

March 8, 2010

Do you have a reason to get out of bed? A truly good reason?

It is more valuable than money? If not, why get out of bed, you can’t take money with you when you’re dead…

Is it more valuable than obligation? If not, why get out of bed? You could easily get out of it or have someone else do it…

Is it more valuable than reputation? If not, why get out of bed? You’ll eventually die and people will forget you…

What is it that gets you out of bed?

Want to know what I get out of bed for?

I get out to help…To give back to anyone who can use my talents.  Because I have talents that shouldn’t be wasted and they surely shouldn’t be wasted only on me.

So my reason to get out of bed is to use my talents to the best of my ability while helping other people.

To me no amount of money could make me stop helping people, I’m certainly not obligated to help people & my reputation surely will not be remembered 200 years from now as the “Career Doctor”

I wonder if you’ve thought about why you get out of bed? Do you know?

Why do you get out of bed?

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