Are you a job-seeker looking for something different?

If you are like many job-seekers that I work with on a daily basis, you are frustrated with the job market.  Who isn’t?  The economy certainly is not rebounding as quickly as any of us would like and many are finding the number of opportunities for gainful employment are becoming fewer and fewer…

So, what’s your option?

Well, for many becoming more entrepreneurial has been the answer.  Now, this option is not for everyone, but it could be.  Have you checked out my interview with a serial entrepreneur?   CLICK HERE to read… or you can WATCH a really cool video  about one guys journey in starting a business.

You may also want to work through these 5 concepts that my good friend John Spence brought forth in his recent blog, you can read the entire article here, but in the meantime, here are the highlights:

1. If you really want to be a serial entrepreneur, you have to create a mindset of looking at everything through the lens of: “What is the business idea here? Where is the pain in the marketplace, the frustration, the opportunity? What can I do to build a product or service that will take away the pain or take advantage of the opportunity?”

2. Once you start creating dozens and dozens of business ideas, the next step is to be brutally honest in assessing which ones are truly viable. In other words, what will people actually pay for?

3. Now that you have filtered all of your ideas down to a handful that truly represent a great business opportunity, the next step is to build the best possible team you can put together to take your ideas and turn them into products and services.

4. You’ve got a handful of super cool ideas, you’ve built an amazing team of highly talented people… now it all comes down to the last piece of the equation which nearly every entrepreneur struggles mightily with… Disciplined Execution.

5. Last but not least – if humanly possible never give away ownership.

So many of these concepts can also be put into place if you are going through the job search process.  So, do any of you have additional suggestions?


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