Don’t Let Joblessness Define You

August 15, 2010

Regardless if you’ve recently graduated or been looking for work over 99 weeks, finding a job is part of your life.  However, it is not life itself.   When we start to allow joblessness to consume how we think about ourselves, it becomes a little depressing.  Ok, pretty depressing but we can’t let our state of life affect all aspects of our life.

Each of us needs to see job-seeking as only part of our life story.  When we let our life story create itself around us, instead of trying to dictate it, then we find our own way of overcoming obstacles.  Instead of simply trying to make everything perfect, let everything happen as it should.  We all will say, “help I lost my job” or “I lost my job now what?” at point in our lives.

Yes, job-seeking is difficult and you may find yourself having to make adjustments to your everyday routine to help you get through this situation.  Waking up everyday with nothing to do, no where to go & no money coming in doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your day.  There is nothing stopping you from still enjoying a free book from the library or maybe growing a tree from an apple seed you ate.

A wise person once said: “Life is not about what happens to you… it is about how you react to what happens to you.” Yes, I know this might sound cliche, but it is the truth.

Life is a story to be told.  You decide how your story ends.  Don’t let the story end you.

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Sick of Paying for 5 Hour Energy?

March 17, 2010

Get a natural 5 hour energy boost! Get active for the job search.  Use the morning for exercise. Put the body in the mindset of success.  Endorphins, blood pumping, heart strengthening and stress reducing.  20 minutes.  That’s all.

It’s not rocket science, it’s exercise.  A jolt whether outside or inside.  It can be performed in all weather conditions!  Always free!  Want a membership? Just do it!

I suggest running as the truly free exercise option.  If not running then swimming.  Both are great health choices.  But both for only 20 minutes a day will boost your energy through the roof.

Did I mention you’d sleep better? Yes, less stress and more rest! It’s a deluxe package available right now!

Where to start?  Check itunes, TV & dvd.  Find 20 minutes. That’s all!

Can’t get out of bed to exercise? Change the objective!  Don’t try to get out of bed. Wake up 10 minutes earlier for a week.  Then 20 minutes earlier for the next week.  After 2 weeks you’ll be ready.

P.S. Is 50 getting close? Check out this study on 50 year old runners and 20+ years more of healthy life!

If you have any Career Questions please ask the Career Doctor: Ask the Career Doctor

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