Job Candidates – Recruiters are Searching for you on the Web

By: William Frierson is a staff writer for,

News flash. In case you have not heard, social media is not just used for social reasons anymore. If you are looking for a job these days or a better chance of finding one, then you may want to consider using social media websites. By doing so, you can create an online presence that gives you more exposure as a job candidate and makes you more accessible to recruiters.

One article mentioned that in a recent survey of hiring managers in the United States, about 66% of them explored LinkedIn to seek ideal candidates for positions. Therefore, it may be wise build your professional profile on this website. Be sure your profile is honest and represents a professional appearance. Remember, you are trying to make connections that will benefit your job search. In addition, update your profile, as you would do for a resume.

Because recruiters only have a limited amount of time to search for candidates each day, you need to make your online profile easy to find. Include a link to it on your resume, below your contact information. By being on LinkedIn or other social media sites, you will give yourself a better chance of ranking high when recruiters search them for candidates.

Using social media doesn’t have to be exclusively for social purposes; it can also benefit you professionally. Job candidates can obtain more exposure and be more accessible to today’s more tech-savvy recruiters.

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