I Lost My Job, not my VOTE!

BE HEARD! Help us reach 1,000,000 votes.

What should our government do to create jobs?


The things our government does affects all of us, all the time.
As the election approaches, voters can stay connected to issues.
Our elected officials and candidates need to hear from us.

ILostMyJob.com is a non-partisan website. Our mission is to do good for people in job transition. We support efforts to create jobs and prosperity for people. We are hosting these polls because:

* people in job transition need to speak up about jobs
* people who have lost jobs should be heard
* elected officials and candidates should listen


One Response to I Lost My Job, not my VOTE!

  1. James Walden says:

    Put a 2 year moratorium on the Minimum Wage Laws.
    If hired at $3 or $4 an hour, one can prove they are worth the $7, $8 and $12 an hour rates.
    If NOT HIRED, then the Minimum Wage Law becomes a cruel joke.

    I speak as one who is unemployed. And as for the arguments ‘you can’t live off ….’, Try living with no income. The only income my household has is the $933/month that my wife receives via Social Security Disability. That pays rent, car insurance and utilities. Do you think it pays for all?

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