Understanding Your Motivation

Every day I seem to get at least one person contact me that is having an issue with their motivation.  Actually, this really does not surprise me a great deal.  Those who are dealing with job-loss and extended unemployment for long periods of time often get frustrated and find their motivational levels decrease.  This is is no shocker, or at least it should not be to anyone reading this article.  Spending hours applying for jobs and networking with very little tangible results would put anyone’s motivation into a tailspin!

Unfortunately, there is no “quick-fix” for your motivation, but there is hope!  I found the following article on LiveStrong.com, LiveStrong is the foundation that Lance Armstrong created to fight the battle against cancer.  If you are not familiar with the 7-time Tour de’ France champions story, I encourage you to read about his amazing comeback from his own battle with cancer.

As Lance begins his epic quest to become the first ever 8-time Tour champion, I thought that a recent article that was posted on his website might help those who may be struggling with their own motivation through the career transition process and dealing with job-loss…

The Stages of Change: Understanding Your Motivation

If you happen to need some additional motivation to help you get through your job-loss situation, just check this out…

What if Lance had given up his fight against cancer?  What if he was not motivated to overcome his struggles?

The same is true for you… will you give up during your struggle with unemployment?


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