The #1 Reason People Fail in Their Job Search

The #1 reason people fail in their job search.

Lacking knowledge of self.

To many times people start looking for a job without taking the proper time to assess their situation.

If you’re laid off today, what will you do tonight or tomorrow?

My #1 suggestion if you’re laid off today is: RELAX

(If you can’t relax or wait till tomorrow to start dealing with your unemployment click “laid off today” it will direct you a page of resources from (

(If you need to relax right now, watch this video and breath deep)

Trust me Coping with job loss is normal.

Freaking out, flying off the handle & flipping your life upside down is not normal.

(In any circumstance)

You can’t possibly be so close minded as to think you’re the only person who is job searching or getting laid off.

(Well I hope you know getting laid off isn’t the worst thing in the world. Not even close to the worst thing in the world)

So why make it seem like the world is crumbling down?

Yes, (I understand) emotions run hot, you feel beaten, depressed & probably very angry but is it the end of the world?


So don’t treat it like it is.

Take time to relax.

You need to decompress.

It isn’t as though you loved what you did so much that now you’re being separated from the only outlet you ever had to express yourself.

No employee loves their job that much in America any more.  You can check out studies.  (Worker Satisfaction at 22 Year Low)

Unless you were a painter and when your company laid you off they cut off your hands, you’ll be absolutely fine.

Now you have a decision to make.  Continue to run on autopilot or start steering your life.

It’s time to plan, plot & plow to get to the fruit of your toils.  If not, don’t expect anything different then to land exactly where you are again in 1, 2 or 5 years.

Use this time to check out resources for your situation.  Trust me, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the invaluable (FREE) skill your 1st and 2nd grade teachers taught you: READING.

Of course, I suggest using because it’s the #1 place after job loss and is your career transition website but truly it’s just a good place to start if you feel lost.

You’ll be checking out job boards soon enough.  Probably want to get on Linkedin a little more regularly.  Might I suggest joining the Linkedin Group? It’s a bustling group with great activity.

Now back to the relax portion of getting laid off.

If you put more stress in your life right now, you might have a mental breakdown.  Now if that happens, you can’t expect greatness from yourself.  You can only expect more hard times.

Go toward what you’re looking for in life, not to what you don’t want.

Trust me, you want to feel at peace again.  Try and find the peace in everyday living.

Do what you can in the day which is free; go for a walk, bike around the neighborhood or go spend time reading in a park.

There will be more challenges, troubles & stress anyway why rush into the face of fire when you can bask in the warmth?

Exactly…take your time & find out what you want to do.

As your thinking about what you want to do, make sure to find out about unemployment benefits.

These will help you feel a little better until things completely calm down.

Unemployment isn’t 100% of your income while you were working but it’s a start.  It can help you float through the turbulent waves of unemployment.

Now this suggestion to relax is only to help you start your career transition from a good place.  Not to be a rosé glow substitute for the work you will need to put into get a job.

It’s meant to help you for the first 24-72 hours.  Which are the hardest.  Think of quitting smoking cigarettes, it’s the hardest the first 3 – 4 days.

You need to keep a good attitude and make sure you’re positive.  The positive start will keep you up and not let you fall into a dark emotional state.

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Thank you for reading.

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