Tempted to Fib on Your Resume?

It’s no secret, the job market is tough.  Today it’s hard for anyone to find a job.  There are few opportunities and too many people trying to fill them.  Sometimes, with serious competition people will turn to any method they think will work to help them achieve their goals.

Ever heard the saying, If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying?

Well, when the difference between winning & losing is a mortgage payment or bankruptcy, cheating starts looking more appealing.  It starts with a little tweak on a resume or fib during a phone interview.  What happens if you have to keep up the lie & it continues to grow?

Then suddenly you’re telling a lie to cover up another lie.  I have found an extreme situation which is in jest but gives you an idea of how large your lies can become if you start fibbing even a little.

This story comes from Redit

Michael J. Martone here says he’s won a Pulitzer prize. He even spelt it wrong!

When Lie's Start They Snow-Ball!

It’s important to be honest when writing a resume, in an interview or even networking.  Our words travel faster than our reputations so be careful what type of things you say about yourself.

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything – Mark Twain

Writing a resume isn’t easy but it can be simple if you have the right guide.

Any phone interview can be overwhelming at first but with practice you’ll do wonderful.

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