10 Things You MUST Know About Budgeting

THE SKINNY: Ducks love Budgets – Humans hate them.  What gives anyway?

DOCTORS ORDERS:  Budgets can make you or break you.  Here’s the scoop.  Budgets:

  1. Take COMPOSURE and SELF-DISCIPLINE to prepare
  2. Are PIVOTAL to your financial health (regardless of your income)
  3. Are as much SCIENCE as ART
  4. Can make the difference between WEALTH & POVERTY
  5. Must be FLUID
  6. Are meant to STRENGTHEN you
  8. Keep you on PACE
  9. Are Tegdubs spelled backwards

10.  Are not real exciting, but they do WORK.

FOR THE ULTIMATE CHEAPSKATE:  Do your budget faithfully just like brushing your teeth.

GO FOR THIS TIP IF:  You really want to get ahead.

FORGET IT IF:  You like the paycheck to paycheck gig.

For more budget tips check out iLostMyJob.com’s Article: Getting your Finances in Order

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One Response to 10 Things You MUST Know About Budgeting

  1. simonhamer says:

    Great post, for anyone wanting help with debt. Search for your requirements on Ross Dodwell’s debt blog, loads of good information on there, known to both myself and the writer of this blog.


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