Making a list and checking it twice…

“Making a list and checking it twice…” is not just a line from a popular holiday song, its actually a good idea when it comes to your job search!

So often when job loss occurs, the first thing that an individual might do is jump on one of the national job boards and spend countless hours seeking and applying for jobs. Unfortunately, the ROI (Return on Investment) on this activity is very, very low. After 15 years in the career services industry, I have yet to hear of one success story of an individual job-seeker who has employed this tactic! But yet I am continually amazed at the time that many individuals spend on these huge national job boards. Ten, twelve, sometimes fifteen hours a day! YIKES! Talk about a frustrating way to spend the day! Like losing your job was not stressful enough!

When job loss occurs, one of the best things that you can do is to take some time to get organized. Developing a plan of action may help you to focus your time and energy effectively. To assist you in developing a plan of action, the CareerDoctor team at provides you with the following checklist of items to consider. This list is not the “end all, be all” list, so please feel free to add items to this checklist to make it relevant to you and your specific situation. The old saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail” could not be more true than when you are dealing with and recovering from job loss.

We here at are here to help you everyday with information, ideas and inspiration! If you are struggling with job-loss or extended unemployment, visit us… maybe we can help you! In the meantime, instead of spinning your wheels doing the same thing day after day, take some time to review the Job Recovery Checklist.'s Career Doctor - Here for YOU!


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