How to Write a Linkedin Summary

Here’s a little riddle for you:

Everyone has one…we all need one… but each of them are different.  Know what it is?

OK well the title gave it away.  It’s a LinkedIn summary.

Your LinkedIn summary is your 30 second pitch of skills, accomplishments & professional goals for the whole world to see.  Even when you’re sleeping, you are either “selling” yourself by your LinkedIn profile, or you’re being disqualified because your summary is so poor.

If you’ve just started a LinkedIn profile or if you’re looking to refresh your profile the LinkedIn summary is first to get attention. Let’s get some baseline rules…

1. Be consise

2. Focus on goals, accomplishments & skills

3. Be humble not not shy

These three rules are standard for anything you’re writing about yourself.  Keep it short, no longer than you would truly want to read if you didn’t know yourself.  Use goals & accomplishments as the roadmap while writing.  Never be arrogant & boastful but explain what you’ve done.  Always think, “we not me” when writing & explain about the team first then your role.

Now I’ll give 3 example summaries without names, or professions…

  1. I’ve had professional experience through playing an active role in my fraternity at the University of Minnesota. Throughout my years at the University I’ve served in various positions including VP- Risk Management and Treasurer. These positions have provided me with experience in leadership and also how to run the finances of the house. I’ve also recently gained professional experience through my part-time job as a teller at Wells Fargo.  I’m currently seeking an internship for this summer to gain more professional experience, preferably in the finance industry. I expect to graduate from the University of Minnesota in May of 2010.
  2. I have found success in a number of diverse roles over the course of my career in the field of higher education. Most recently, I employed considerable talents as the Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services for a Big XII University. In this role, I directed all matters related to recruiting, admissions, financial aid, and scholarships for the university. During my tenure as Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services, I increased freshman and transfer-student applications by 15%. I achieved success by researching enrollment models and projections, employing unique strategic marketing initiatives, and enhancing existing relationships with high schools and community colleges, among other tactics.
  3. A technologist. An organizer. A problem solver.
    Broad experience with operations, production, service, management

Now that you’ve had a chance to read these examples…what do you think?

Use the 3 rules: concise, focus & humility – Now in the comments…what works, what doesn’t & what do you want to use in your profile?

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One Response to How to Write a Linkedin Summary

  1. Cecilia says:

    Excellent advice – the best I’ve seen on the topic so far! Thank you!

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