Prescription: Resume Rehabilitation

I’ve seen many job seekers recently who are suffering from the same career illness.  Lack of quality resumes…It’s shame too because as the recovery takes place hiring will continue to increase but for the first year or so it will still be extremely competitive.

It’s my wish that no one who is qualified is turned down for a job simply because they couldn’t represent themselves on paper.  I have 3 very important articles for any person writing, rewriting or reformulating their resumes.

But first, here is my video which is an oldie but a goodie…I hope you enjoy…

Resume Writing Tips: Create a Powerful Opening Statement
Not knowing how to create an interest-generating opening statement on your resume can quickly lead to job-seeker discouragement before the job search even begins!

Learn how you can create a powerful and compelling opening statement on your resume.

Resume Types, Styles, Targeting
Defining the right type, style and format of your resume can be the difference between getting hired and remaining unemployed! Do you know what type of resume YOU should be using?

Make sure your resume is hitting its target.

Five Common Resume Mistakes
A resume is no place to cut corners on your job search…that’s like going on a first date with someone you really like without getting all cleaned up. Yikes!

Here are five common resume mistakes to avoid:


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