Apprenticeships Stands The Test of Time


It might not be as glamorous as Donald Trump’s hit television show, but apprenticeships are making a comeback in the manufacturing industry here in the United States.

If you are out of work and looking to transition into a new and growing industry, checking out apprenticeship programs through local community colleges and local manufacturing companies. This might be your ticket to a stable job and trade that will benefit you and our economy for many years to come.

As a global competitor for the next decade, America manufacturing requires an exceptional worker. The main reason colleges have become the market place to advertise apprenticeships.

Manufacturing has become drastically different in the past decade. Larger reliance on math, science & computer programming are required now as the economy prepares to compete in a global future.

Apprenticeship programs range from unpaid internships to fully paid positions.

Many times these positions are advertised around local colleges. Rarely are apprenticeships posted as regular job openings. The prospective person has to show initiative to be accepted to any apprenticeship program.

Are you interested in a stable position in manufacturing?

If so, look for apprenticeships in your area, it could be the opportunity you’ve been missing.

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