Do you know how to get an interview?

Did you know that 80% of jobs are filled before they are advertised? That’s why relying only on jobs you find posted on job boards is like slapping the handcuffs on your job search.

Identifying your target market or industries is one of the steps you need to take if you are wanting to break free of job board reliance and start taking the initiative that is going to bring you more quality job interviews and offers!

Maybe you know your market really well – in which case this could be a really fun and simple step for you as you write down all your industries, sub industries, geographic preferences and favorite “A” list companies…

Interested in learning the next steps to landing an interview and having job search success?

Learn Why Targeting your Job Market Gets More Interviews


4 Responses to Do you know how to get an interview?

  1. missdisplaced says:

    Sorry, but I don’t believe this for one minute!

    6 of my 7 last jobs in the last 15 years were found via online postings, 5 through Monster alone. Only ONE job was found because a good friend happened to work for a company and someone quit and I got the job. All were very good jobs too! Maybe it’s related to my field (graphic design) and not as much in others, but I still get 99% of my interviews through online job postings.

    People keep repeating this job search “myth” and it is just NOT true!

  2. Karen F. says:

    Hi missdisplaced.

    The article isn’t saying that online job postings don’t work…what it is saying is that people shouldn’t just rely on just ONE source for finding a job.

    Job boards are still excellent tools for job searching, but there are other means available (like social networks and tapping into hidden job markets)…and by targeting your job market you actually save yourself some time instead of rifling through random jobs without a plan.

    Overall, the effectiveness of a job board depends on how well you have presented yourself on your resume and cover letter and sometimes, the opportunity that presented itself when you were at the right place at the right time.

    Hope this helps.

    Karen, The Resume Chick (You can Google that)

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