Do we even need HR?

If we all actually targeted jobs the way recruiters, experts & other job seekers tells us too, would we even need HR?

What if I did attend every event that all my colleagues attended and networked 2.0 properly; would I be able to offer a suggestion to a company and land a job? If it works, I’ll never send a resume again!

What if I do target every key person for the solution outline I’ve drawn up for a company and offer them my way to increase sales 10%?Will I automatically land a job? If yes, I’ll decline and become a consultant! Charge per deal and not per hour!

What if I do use social media to show my skills as a freelancer and find jobs, clients and communicate with my private customers even better? Would I ever want to land a real job? No!

In the world of networking now, it seems social media is a way to actually make ourselves be in more than one place at a time. Well what if we ALL did take the advice use social media, attend all the right events, target the right companies and people? If we used all the new tips and tricks to land a job…would we even need HR?

Everyone would get a job without even trying.  We would all follow our passion, be a specialist & make more money than we’ve ever seen before!  Not forgetting to mention we all work from home!

That’s an awesome concept, I do truly appreciate it.  It puts all the control in the job seekers hands but I have to ask…What happens when HR can’t pour over tests, resumes and prepare for interviews because everyone has demonstrated their value to the company before HR even heard about them?

Do we find a place for people to start examining employees more closely? Do the people who love examining people for work now examine the people who work?  It could be the shift now because we have made their job obsolete because no-one likes interviewing anyways.
Question for Job Seekers: What do you think? Do you use all the new ways to land a job? Do you ever see HR?

Question for HR: What do you think? Is this happening? Do you notice it?

If you’re a job seeker and have a question ask me anytime: Ask the Career Doctor a Questions!

If you’re interested in more information check me out at – You’re Career Transition Resource


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