Can you Play Hard to Get in the Job Search?

Job seekers today know the stats.  6 job applicants for every 1 job posted.  Everyone knows it slim pickings finding an interview.  Even harder to get a call back from a company.  So can you afford to not jump at every opportunity presented?

Well, yes…

It isn’t as though a company can afford to hire the wrong fit.  So if you’re a dependable employee who is perfect for the job, you shouldn’t simply jump at the chance for an interview.

If you’ve been called in the early morning for an afternoon interview even though you have plans, do not take the interview.  Explain you have plans but could reschedule for tomorrow or the day after.

It isn’t about simply being an applicant for a job, it’s about being a person.  A person whose life should still take precedent over a sudden opportunity.

If a company offers you a job but it isn’t some place with growth opportunity for your future, will you take it?

Why? If it isn’t made to fit you and you’re not a fit for the company based upon your expectations why would you?

Imagine starting a relationship simply because it presented itself.  You wouldn’t, if a partner offered no opportunity for future growth in a relationship, would you purse it? No…a job is no different.

So it isn’t about playing hard to get.  Truly it’s about not letting go of your expectations.  A company needs good, honest and hard working employees.  If you’re one, don’t settle for a company that won’t appreciate your skills or give you room to do your best work.

Now, what do you think? Have you ever taken a job that wasn’t right for you or maybe started with a company that wasn’t right for you? How did it work out?

To Ask ME a Question about your Job Search, Click Here – I’ll be happy to respond to your questions through a video.


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