Job Search & ParentHood

Having a job doesn’t stop parenthood for me. Why would the job search be any different? Kids don’t need less when you’re unemployed, actually it seems they need more. So when I write a blog, read an article or answer questions for people in the job search, I always want to know about their family situation.

A mid 30’s woman with no kids, living alone in the job search is much different and a mid 30’s mother of two, married with a mortgage.

I see the balance as the most important issue. You have to make sure your family is balanced. Not to much time in any one spot so that their energy is even spread out. Especially the kids. Try taking a long drive, let alone write a resume with your child playing in the same room. It’s impossible.

So I suggest aligning the job search with time the kids are at daycare, dance lessons & especially school. If your kids are young and only have half days, it’s even more important to align that time.

But enough from me, what do you think? How do you balance parenthood and the job search?


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